Successive ED Prescriptions are Red Flags

The more phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors you have to take to deal with your ED issue, the more troubles you have with your health.

It would help if you understood that in the majority of cases, men who have Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation have underlying health conditions that cannot be seen until they get through a medical check-up.

  • You have to get in touch with your medical practitioner more often if you already feel the signs of urinary problems and sexual health conditions.
  • ED will not cause further problems if you deal with it ASAP. If you ignore the problem, you might suffer from severe health conditions that can turn into chronic and incurable ones. To make it less stressful, get started with checking your options at My Canadian Pharmacy which is an multi-purpose service for ED management. You can have informational support as well as access to all the reasonable deals that are currently available for the oral drugs with proven efficacy in ED (this usually ranges between 79% and 84%).
  • Taking ED and PE medications, as well as LUTS pills, without preliminary consultation with a physician may result in severe side-effects that will cause a lot of trouble with your heart, blood pressure, kidneys, and liver.

Erectile Dysfunction Is Only a Tip of the Iceberg

If you’re a reasonable man reading this article, you should understand that if you have to stick to ED and PE meds all the time, it means that there’s something in your body preventing you from your healthy sex life. It can either by a psychological or a physiological issue. Nevertheless, if you are a caring member of the family and a sensible partner, you have to find out what’s wrong before it gets too late.

Physical practitioners, as well as pharmacists and laboratory pros, are not magicians. They will NOT manage to save your health from further trouble if you make it up to the point of no return.

When you feel sexually excited and ready for the intimacy with your partner, your nerves release certain chemicals in your blood. These chemicals boost up the flow of blood in your penile area, filling the penis shaft. This way, you get hard and can pass on to the act. It’s a normal situation for healthy men leading their regular sex life.

If you feel like you’re interested in your partner, but have no ability to perform because your penis is limp or not firm enough, it’s high time for a medical check-up and blood tests.

The most common reasons for Erectile Dysfunction are:

  • Damaged nerve or problems with the nervous system;
  • Blocked arteries;
  • Weak heart muscle and any other heart problems;
  • High blood sugar (diabetes);
  • Blood pressure conditions;
  • Severe psychological problems.

If it doesn’t make you feel worried yet, it’s high time to get into details.

Cases When ED Drugs Are Helpless

The research held in the summer of 2018 showed that among 939 men who have Erectile Dysfunction, 328 had underlying conditions.

  • They didn’t manage to perform sexually because of the insufficient amount of blood getting into their veins. They turned out to have diabetes, problems with the hardened or blocked arteries, heart conditions, and severe health conditions triggered by bad eating habits, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and excessive weight.
  • The blood couldn’t stay within the penis shaft in the process of intimacy. Unfortunately, it can happen at any age, regardless of lifestyle and eating habits. Problems like these can be connected with anything.
  • There’s a problem with the nervous system. Things like this can happen if a patient experienced an injury or was through an unsuccessful surgery. When the nerves in the pelvic area are harmed, it’s hard to have an erection without medications. Nerve damage can also be caused by slowly developing diabetes.
  • Some cancer medicines (cytotoxic) provoke severe damage to the nerves in the pelvic area, thus making it hard to perform sexually. Radiation, as well as surgery, always cause trouble when it comes to sexual health. However, there’s always a possibility to restore your functionality. You’ll have to see the urologist if you do have concerns about your sexual health.
  • Side effects of the other drugs can be the reason of your weak and insufficient performance. It would be best if you discussed all side effects with your doctor or with a pharmacist beforehand.

Antidepressant Drugs & Viagra

Erectile Dysfunction is often caused by emotional problems. It’s highly probable that you have to visit a psychologist to make sure whether your problems are physical or not. Here are the main emotional problems causing ED:

  • A long-lasting depression;
  • Emotional shock or anxiety caused by a tragic event;
  • Relationship problems regardless of gender;
  • Too much work, as well as stresses caused by the professional duties and responsibilities;
  • Too many responsibilities within a family and a household;
  • Emotional exhaustion caused by cultural, social, and religious life aspects;
  • Regular lack of confidence about your sex performance caused by one of the reasons mentioned above.

When we say that the reasons for ED are often psychological than physiological, it does not mean that you should deal with them on your own. Nevertheless, it’s highly probable that you only have to stick to the advice of the psychologist and have a medication course based on antidepressant drugs and health supplements.

All in all, if you do have concerns about your sexual health and a necessity to deal with multiple erectile dysfunction drugs, you’ll need to experience advanced tests and medical check-ups that will help you reveal the real underlying problems:

  • Check your blood to make sure everything’s fine with your hormone levels;
  • Check the blood sugar levels to find out whether it’s because of diabetes or not;
  • Try a vascular stimulant with your urologist to make sure whether you can physically sustain an erection or not;
  • An NPT test will help you understand whether you have an erection at night or not.

ED can be tough on everyone. But it would help if you understood you’re clever enough to control your destiny and beat it utilizing modern pharmaceutical achievements.

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