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Why trusting us

Our mission is to take about customers’ health, and their wallet, too. Tired of overpaying for branded medications, which are not covered by most of the insurance plans, people started searching for an alternative. Family care Pharmacy found out that quality generics from leading manufacturers don’t compromise quality but can be several times more affordable in comparison to famous brands. It inspired our Canadian pharmacy for building a network of suppliers and for starting to offer legal medications online to save time and money of our customers.

Our business is to ship really working meds up extremely cheaper than you can get at a local brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Just compare: one Pfizer’s Viagra pill 25 mg costs more than $70, and we sell it for a couple of dollars, depending on the package.

As far as other online pharmacies are concerned, we are different in our approach to every single deal with a customer: we worked to create an intuitive and easy-to-use online pharmacy with convenient functionality to order medications in a few clicks or screen taps.

Family care pharmacy provide rapid order processing and delivery from our warehouses in the world. Our online consultants are there to answer your questions about product indications, interaction with other medications and substances, possible side effects and recommendations. Also, we are always for you to tell more about our services, delivery terms and work with the website.

Our main goal is to make people in the North America healthier, improve their life quality and offer independent pricing on medications based on real competition on the market, free from influence of brand wars and marketing. Start your online medication shopping right now and feel the difference with what you get at physical pharmacies nearby.

Site Disclaimer

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