If you have some questions about our website, its products, or similar features, check the list of most frequently asked questions. We provide brief and clear answers to quickly satisfy your inquiries. Make allowances for the following popular questions:

What is a Family Caregiver?

A caregiver is any person who helps older adults to take care of his/her health, fulfill different errands, create financial plans, etc.

What Does Your Pharmacy Sell?

Canadian Family Pharmacy sells preparations to treat problems with an erection, digestion, inflammation, allergies, sleep, anxiety, etc.

Is It Safe to Take Generics?

All generics are legal duplicates of their brands. They ensure the same effects and are safe if taken correctly.

Where Do You Deliver Your Products?

We ship throughout Canada and the USA, as well as to other countries.

Is It Necessary to Be a Family Member to Become a Caregiver?

No, you may not belong to a family to offer caregiving services.

Are There Any Financial Peculiarities About Receiving Area Agency on Aging Help?

No, people with any income may receive this kind of help.

What Is Respite?

It’s a special program, which provides caregiving assistance. Caregivers may be of any age and income. They aren’t obliged to be family members.

What Is Adult Day Care?

This is a specialized center, which is classified as social or medical. Both categories ensure the medical care of adult patients with physical and/or mental problems.

What Is Home Health Care?

This is a complex of services that offer basic and nursing care in the home.