Benefits Check Up
Web-based service designed to help seniors, their families and caregivers find the right benefits programs to meet their needs.
Area Agencies on Aging Search By State
Contains all currently available information about Medicare and its benefits.
Medicare Participating Physician Directory (doctors who accept Medicare payments)
Central link for forms and information from a variety of pharmaceutical companies who have special programs to assist people who cannot afford to buy the drugs that they need.
Social Security Administration
Information about all benefits available through the Social Security Administration, as well as online forms for all services.
State Medicaid Programs Toll-Free Numbers
Texas Medicaid Program
State and Federal cooperative venture to provide medical coverage to eligible needy persons.
Texas Department of Human Services STARS Program
The State of Texas Assistance and Referral System (STARS) allows you to self-screen for potential eligibility for programs provided by the Texas Department of Human Services and other Texas state agencies.