Modules Descriptions
Module 1- Role of the Family Caregiver

This module is an overview of the complex role of family caregivers and the needs and issues of older relatives that need help. This module will provide a background for understanding your own family caregiver role and the experience of aging for your family member.

Module 2- Behavior and Emotions of Aging

In this module you will review common changes that may take place in later life. You will look at adjustment to change, grief, depression, behavior changes, and the importance of attitude in successful aging. You will also learn or review what you can do as a caregiver to support and encourage successful aging.

Module 3- Sensory Loss

In this module you will learn more about the signs that someone is having vision and hearing problems or losing  his/her ability  to taste, touch, and smell. You will learn about vision disease and treatment. You will also learn ways to deal with these changes that most older adults experience to one degree or another.

Module 4- Communication and Relationships

In this module you will learn to recognize relationship and communication needs of older adults, ways to utilize effective communication responses and strategies. You`ll also gain knowledge of the complex roles of family members, use methods to engage family members and and respond to more effectively to resolve conflicts & recognize and respond to challenging behaviors of older adults.

Module 5- Safety and Independence In this module you will learn techniques to assess the home and environment of your family member for health and safety risks. You will also learn room by room changes to make to create a safer environment. You will also learn some of the common ways that older adults become the victims of fraud and scam and ways to avoid them. You will learn how to evaluate living arrangements and the level of independence that your family member is able to maintain. Finally, you will learn about long term care options.
Module 6- Legal and Financial Planning The information in this module contains an overview of legal documents that may be important in ensuring the legal and financial security of your family member. You will also review tips on storing and accessing completed legal documents. In addition, you will also review federal benefits such as Social Security, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid. Included also is basic information on federal tax exemptions. Finally, you will find information on obtaining assistance that you and your family member can use in finding help about benefits that your family member may qualify for.
Module 7- Community and Internet Resources In this module you will examine the growing role of family caregivers in the United States, gain a better understanding of the the needs and concerns of caregivers, explore the responsibilities of caregivers to their aged loved one. You`ll learn steps to take in creating a list of needed financial, health and human service resources, explore techniques for identifying resources, determine sources for information in the community, use techniques to research service providers and obtain information & use internet search techniques to find web-based resource information.
Module 8- Caring for the Caregiver In this module you will learn about how to cope with the physical and psychological health effects of caregiving.
Module 9- Long Distance Caregiving In this module you will learn to assess what’s working and any unmet needs of aging family members, how to identify and use resources to access needs and develop plans to meet those needs, how to engage natural supports including siblings, other family members, friends, neighbors and others who live close in the community of aging family members, & develop a plan to balance responsibilities and taking care of yourself.
Module 10- Housing Options For Older Adults In this module you will learn to Identify the need for intervention, and how to identify the appropriate intervention, to make the right housing choice & talk to your loved one about making a change.
Module 11- End of Life Issues In this module you will contemplate the meaning of death. Gain knowledge of palliative & hospice care, identify emotional issues related to the death of a loved one, identify practical issues related to the dying & death of a loved one, learn issues that must be discussed with the dying, identify steps of funeral planning, recognize signs that death is nearing, identify and use self care techniques, & know steps to take after death has occurred.
Module 12- Loss and Grief In this module you will learn the meaning & types of loss, and to identify the losses related to caregiving, and techniques to cope with loss related to caregiving.
You`ll gain an understanding of loss related to chronic illness, terminal illness, and the death of a loved one.You will learn about the meaning of grief, the grief process, identify normal grief & maladaptive grief responses, an well as understand anticipatory grief, & identify and use techniques to cope with grief and loss.
Module 13- The Sandwich Generation: Work/Life Balance of Child and Elder Caregiving
Work/Life balance: “…healthy work environments that value people and support personal life and family issues.”

–The Alliance for Work-Life Progress, 2003

Module 14- Nutrition, Kitchen Safety & Preparing Meals for Elder Care Receivers The information in this module is provided to raise awareness. Always check with health care providers when planning for & serving meals.
Module 15- Aging & Mental Health: Depression, Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Module 16- Aging & Mental Health: Depression, Alcohol and Prescription Drugs