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For Better or For Worse
The For Better or For Worse comic strip has been running a caregiver story line this week. Last week Elly’s father walked into a wall in his sleep and broke his nose and twisted his back, and now he is needing more care. In today’s strip, Elly had convinced her new step mother, Iris, to go out for a walk with her, and the wife was expressing some of the same guilt and other emotions that most caregivers express about leaving home for a break.
You can review the strips and also read the “letters” from the Patterson’s that give more of their thoughts on the strip’s website: www.fborfw.com.
Tools for a happier life
The Motivational Mecca
Numerous pages of mixed motivational quotes. The site features a searchable database of 13,000 quotes


Self Care Information and Resources for Caregivers
Module 9~Caring for the Caregiver
Through this module family caregivers will be able to
examine the impact of the caregiver role on physical and psychological health. Identify techniques for caregiver stress management. Have an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of humor.
How to Care for Yourself While Caring for Others…
Caregiver Stress What Can You Do (PDF file)

Despite the many care options available for seniors, informal caregivers (a. Sixty percent of caregivers report physical strain as a result of caregiving, and many others report anxiety, depression, substance abuse and weight changes as a direct result of caregiving. More than half (53 percent) of caregivers feel worried as a result of caregiving, 46 percent suffer from clinical depression, and 37 percent feel frustrated.

Children of Aging Parents
A membership organization founded in 1977 to assist caregivers of the elderly with reliable information and referrals, a network of support groups, publications and programs promoting public awareness of the urgent needs and the profound value of caregivers. 800-227-7294.
Comfort of Home
“Caring For You… Caring For Others”
Puzzlers, Mazes, Word Find
Small Comforts
A non-profit organization, dedicated to helping the chronically ill and their caregivers.
Well Spouse Foundation
An international membership organization which provides support for the millions of wives, husbands and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled. 800-838-0879.