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The nation’s 50 state Attorneys General are also responsible for protecting the public against fraudulent and deceptive telemarketers and others who prey on unsuspecting victims. Several of them have their own web sites and can provide you with specific information on their activities.

Attorneys General

Attorney General
State of Alabama
11 South Union St.
Montgomery AL 36103
Attorney General
State of Montana
Justice Building
215 N. Sanders
Helena MT 59620-1401
Attorney General
State of Alaska
State Capitol
PO Box 110300
Juneau AK 99811-0300
Attorney General
State of Nebraska
State Capitol
PO Box 98920
Lincoln NE 68509
Attorney General
State of Arizona
1275 W Washington St.
Phoenix AZ 85007
Attorney General
State of Nevada
198 S. Carson
Capitol Complex
Carson City NV 89710
Attorney General
State of Arkansas
Tower Building
323 Center St.
Little Rock AR 72201-2610
Attorney General
State of New Hampshire
State House Annex
25 Capitol St.
Concord NH 03301-6397
Attorney General
State of California
1515 K St.
Sacramento CA 95814
Attorney General
State of New Jersey
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
25 Market St. CN 080
Trenton NJ 08625
Attorney General
State of Colorado
Department of Law
1525 Sherman St.
Denver CO 80203
Attorney General
State of New Mexico
PO Drawer 1508
Santa Fe NM 87504-1508
Attorney General
State of Connecticut
55 Elm St.
Hartford CT 06106
Attorney General
State of New York
120 Broadway
New York NY 10271
Attorney General
State of Delaware
Carvel State Office Building
820 N French St.
Wilmington DE 19801
Attorney General
State of North Carolina
Department of Justice
PO Box 629
Raleigh NC 27602-0629
Office of the Corporation Counsel
District of Columbia
414 4th St. NW
Washington DC 20001
Attorney General
State of North Dakota
State Capitol
600 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck ND 58505-0040
Attorney General
State of Florida
The Capitol, PL 01
Tallahassee FL 32399-1050
Attorney General
State of Ohio
State Office Tower
30 East Broad St.
Columbus OH 43266-0410
Attorney General
State of Georgia
40 Capitol Square SW
Atlanta GA 30334-1300
Attorney General
State of Oklahoma
State Capitol
2300 N Lincoln Blvd., Room 112
Oklahoma City OK 73105
Attorney General
State of Hawaii
425 Queen St.
Honolulu HI 96813
Attorney General
State of Oregon
Justice Building
1162 Court St. NE
Salem OR 97310
Attorney General
State of Idaho
PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0010
Attorney General
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Strawberry Square
Harrisburg PA 17120
Attorney General
State of Illinois
J.R. Thompson Center
100 W Randolph St.
Chicago IL 60601
Attorney General
State of Rhode Island
72 Pine St.
Providence RI 02903
Attorney General
State of Indiana
219 State House
Indianapolis IN 46204
Attorney General
State of South Carolina
Rembert C. Dennis Office Building
PO Box 11549
Columbia SC 29211-1549
Attorney General
State of Iowa
Hoover State Office Building
Des Moines IA 50319
Attorney General
State of South Dakota
500 E Capitol
Pierre SD 57501-5070
Attorney General
State of Kansas
Judicial Building
301 W 10th St.
Topeka KS 66612-1597
Attorney General
State of Tennessee
450 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville TN 37243-0495
Attorney General
Commonwealth of Kentucky
State Capitol, Room 116
Frankfort KY 40601
Attorney General
State of Texas
Capitol Station
PO Box 12548
Austin TX 78711-2548
Attorney General
State of Louisiana
Department of Justice
PO Box 94005
Baton Rouge LA 70804-4095
Attorney General
State of Utah
State Office Building
Salt Lake City UT 84114
Attorney General
State of Maine
State House Building
Augusta ME 04333
Attorney General
State of Vermont
109 State Street
Montpelier VT 05609-1001
Attorney General
State of Maryland
200 Saint Paul Place
CENTER>Baltimore MD 21202-2202
Attorney General
Commonwealth of Virginia
Supreme Court Building
101 North Eighth Street, 5th Floor
Richmond VA 23219
Attorney General
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1 Ashburton Place
Boston MA 02108-1698
Attorney General
State of Washington
PO Box 40100
905 Plum Street, Building 3
Olympia WA 98504-0100
Attorney General
State of Michigan
PO Box 30212
525 W Ottawa Street
Lansing MI 48909-0212
Attorney General
State of West Virginia
State Capitol
Charleston WV 25305-0070
Attorney General
State of Minnesota
State Capitol
Suite 102
St. Paul MN 55155
Attorney General
State of Wisconsin
State Capitol
PO Box 7857
Madison WI 53707-7857
Attorney General
State of Mississippi
Department of Justice
PO Box 220
Jackson MS 39205-0220
Attorney General
State of Wyoming
State Capitol Building
Cheyenne WY 82002
Attorney General
State of Missouri
Supreme Court Building
207 W High St.
Jefferson City MO 65102

Other State & Local Resources

Cambridge, MA, Consumers’ Council New Hampshire AG’s Consumer Protection Office
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Oklahoma Securities Commission
Florida State Comptroller’s Office Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services
Irvine, CA, Police Department State Securities Regulators
Jacksonville, FL, Consumer Affairs Office Washington State Securities Division
Canadian Resources
Canada – Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Gendarmerie royal du Canada (French & English)
Canada – Department of Justice (French & English)
Alberta – Department of Justice (English Only)
British Columbia – Ministry of the Attorney General (English Only)
New Brunswick – Department of Justice (French & English)
Newfoundland & Labrador – Department of Justice (English Only)
Northwest Territories – Department of Justice (English Only)
Nova Scotia – Department of Justice (English Only)
Nunavut – Department of Justice (Inuktitut & English)
Ontario – Ministry of the Attorney General (French & English)
Prince Edward Island – Community Services and Attorney General (English Only)
Quebec – Ministry of Justice (French, Spanish & English)
Saskatchewan – Department of Justice (English Only)
International Resources
Peru – Ministry of Justice
Singapore – Department of Justice
Credit Reporting Bureaus
Experian Equifax TransUnion
NOTE:The three main credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Whenever you apply for credit or even when you are trying to rent a property or apply for a job, someone checks your credit history. If you have ever been denied credit, your denial letter will state which credit reporting bureau was used for the credit check. You are legally entitled to a free credit report from the reporting bureau used whenever you are denied credit. You can also request a copy of your report from the other two bureaus for only $8 per copy. Checking all three bureaus is important. You may find that your credit report contained inaccurate information. In that case you can correct the information and contact the lender for reconsideration of your credit application. It’s important for you to check your credit report regularly so that you can correct any errors that might have accidentally crept in over time. Plus, regular checks of your credit report can also help spot Identity Theft. Before ordering your credit reports make sure to check the state specific information on the credit reporting websites. Some states, such as Maryland, require that each credit reporting bureau offer one free credit report per year to Maryland residents. Other states mandate lower fees for credit reports. You could find out that you are entitled to free or reduced rate credit reports.

Other Resources